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Performant & Powerful

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Performant & Powerful

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Performant & Powerful

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I retain 50% of the songs I write, unless we negotiate otherwise. Use of my name on a release is not permitted without my express written consent. Refunds are not available after work has begun.


EDM, Hip Hop, House, Pop, Pop-Rock, R&B-SoulTropical / Dancehall
Vocalist, Songwriter, Singer and song writer
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Janine was introduced to black music genres such as reggae, soul, and funk by her family from birth. This musical influence sparked a passion for singing and songwriting.
She began writing and performing with bands around the East of England. This led to her composing and performing with the independent soul label "Wildcat Records" or Jetstar at various soul weekenders.
Since being in Spain, she has performed with several funk groups and has collaborated with various rap artists and hip-hop producers. After meeting Sace 2, she went on to write and record two tracks, " Tell me are you ready" and " A night to remember" for his album " Adventures in Sound and space". Currently Janine is preparing his new album "With you tonight".
One of the most important pages on your music website is your bio page. Let's face it - although you may be great at composing melodies and lyrics, it’s hard to write about yourself! This is not an easy thing to do, but it’s a really important way to make your band look professional.

A great musician bio will create the first impression of you to many of your website visitors, so make it a good one. It will help convert your visitors into fans, as well as give bloggers and media a sense of who you are.

Wondering what should be included in a musician bio? These elements will help you write an effective bio that talks about your music and your background in a concise way.

1. Engaging introduction
The toughest part about writing your musician bio is getting started. Make a few notes on a piece of paper to begin. Jot down your name, and where you’re from. Add what your music sounds like, as objectively as you can, and then write down your influences.

This will help you shape a sentence or two as an introduction. You’ll want it to be engaging, and concise. Think about how you might quickly introduce yourself to someone who has never met you or heard your music before.

Keep the tone in mind as well. Depending on your style of music, and your personality, you may want to inject some humor into your bio, or write more formally.

2. Background information
Include some relevant background information in your bio, including your musical history, but keep it short. You want to be sure to keep your visitors engaged - not lose them with lengthy paragraphs of text.

You’ll want to write your bio in the third person. This will make it quick to scan and understand, and will also help with your website’s search engine optimization. It also allows media, bloggers, and venues to simply copy and paste your bio if they need.

3. Description of your music
Although most of your fans will already be familiar with your music, a blogger or journalist may not yet have a sense of your sound. Add a quick description that talks about what your music is like.

It may be hard to fit your sound into a genre, but try to use a few familiar words that people can use to place you. This will help someone reading your bio want to also listen to your music.

Then, talk about what you’re currently up to with your music. Have you just gone into the studio? Released a single? Co-written a song with another artist?

Choose the most relevant, and recent things that you’ve done with your music, and add those to your musician bio.

If you’re in a band, you can write out the full band bio at the top of your page. Beneath it, you can add text talking about each band member. Include an image with each musician bio to create visual interest.

How to write an effective musician bio (with examples)Artist: The Keynote Sisters

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4. Career highlights and achievements
Think about everything you’ve accomplished with your music. Have you opened for a well-known band, or played a big festival? Have you charted on the radio or had success on streaming music platforms? Been nominated for an award?

Make a list of your achievements. Then pick two or three of the most impressive items, and include those in your band bio. Also include something recent, to show that you’re an active musician.

Don’t exaggerate or embellish in this part of your bio - stick to the facts, and present them in a positive way.

5. Media quotes
Throwing in a quote from a reviewer to help describe your sound, or your latest album, will lend some authority to your musician bio. It’s a nice way to show that others are talking professionally about your music.

This quote could be from a venue owner, a musician you’ve worked with, an album review, or something in the media. Use it within your bio to emphasize your accomplishments, or your new music.

If you don’t have a quote, that’s ok - just keep it in mind for the future. You could reach out to someone you’ve connected with professionally to see if they can provide you with something you can use in your bio.

6. Up to date information
Your musician bio should live in a couple of places on your website. You can place a short elevator pitch on your Homepage. You can use your full, most in-depth musician bio plus images on your About page.

You’ll also want to include your bio on your press kit page. You can use the short version, or add a few versions for press and industry to choose from.

Make a note to update your bio in these places with any new projects, releases, collaborations, or upcoming tours. You’ll want to be sure to add new accomplishments as your career moves forward.
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