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Don't miss the opportunity to experience Janine's talent and versatility firsthand. Book Janine now for an unforgettable musical experience!
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Welcome to 'Janine Sings', the official website of Janine, a versatile and passionate singer based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, available for live performances and recording sessions. Whether you are looking for a captivating voice to elevate your wedding, event, pub, or club, or seeking a talented recording artist to bring your musical vision to life, you are at the right place. Explore the website to discover more about Janine, listen to her portfolio, and book her services for your next event or recording project.
30 years experience as a singer/songwriter

Janines Music Services

Janine Sings Hinckley based Female Soul, Disco, Funk and House Singer

Tailored Vocal Services

for Music Projects


Janine is a dynamic live performer, specialising in reggae, Motown, disco, funk, modern dance, and soul classics. Perfect for weddings, corporate functions, or pub nights, Janine's compelling voice and versatility make her the ideal choice for any event.

Tailored Vocal Services

for Music Projects


Janine is a seasoned live performer and session singer, providing vocal talents for various music projects. Whether you are a songwriter, music producer, or band seeking a compelling and versatile female vocalist, Janine is the artist for you.

versatility and

adaptability in voice-over work


With a flexible vocal range, an English accent, and the ability to switch from street vibes to clean and concise tones, she can deliver high-quality voice-overs for various projects including commercials, audiobooks, corporate videos, and animations.


Don't just take our word for it – read the testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced the magic of Janine's voice firsthand. From weddings and clubs to recording sessions, Janine's versatility and talent shine through in every performance. Book Janine now and let the music speak for itself!
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Explore Janine's portfolio to get a taste of her vocal magic. From live performances at weddings and clubs to studio recordings, her range and adaptability are showcased in every piece. Don't miss the opportunity to experience Janine's talent and versatility firsthand. Book Janine now for an unforgettable musical experience!

Janine - With You Tonight

British singer Janine Inglis introduces her first solo album, after working with record labels around the planet such as Wildcat, Jetstar and Pino.

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Professional Freelance Singer Song Writer

Our singing gigs are perfect for all kinds of occasions - whether it's a laid-back evening at a pub, a lively night at a club, a special event, or a romantic wedding, Janine's versatile and captivating vocals will elevate the atmosphere and make it a memorable experience for everyone present

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Janine Sings Hinckley Female Singer for Hire

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Book Janine now for an unforgettable musical experience!
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